Lots of academics, organisations, startups, established companies and other individuals are involved in making the Innovation Booster – Sport & Physical Activity and the different challenges a success.
Meet some of them on this page and listen what they have to say.

A warm thank you to all of them for their dedication and smart inputs!

Le concept proposé stimule la créativité en groupe interdisciplinaire. La méthodologie utilisée donne, rapidement et d’une manière très naturelle, naissance à des idées innovantes qui seront testées sur le marché.
Je suis très satisfait d’avoir vécu cette expérience que je recommande. Plein succès au NTN Innovation Booster !

Yves Delalay · Directeur Adjoint @ Clinique romande de réadaptation Sion

Thanks to interdisciplinary cooperation with various experts from the sports business, the NTN program succeeded in finding various innovative approaches for the design of future sports (major) events. 

Ralf Kreuzer · Head @ Department Sports Management at Fernfachhochschule Schweiz FFHS

Ce que je retiens du NTN, c’est le potentiel de solutions lorsque différents horizons, expertises et générations abordent ensemble un problème spécifique. À ce moment encore à l’état de réflexions, je me réjouis de voir les réalisations effectives. Rendre les villes plus actives, plus “healthy” est possible et apparemment pas forcément très compliqué en allant, ainsi qu’ en prenant les décisions dans ce sens ensemble. 

Juliane Robra · Associate @ SportiWorld

Participating to the NTN Innovation Booster was a great experience. Bringing all stakeholders around the table for a full day allowed us to exchange and initiate new and innovative projects that will hopefully be showcased in the upcoming years in our events.

Joris Vautier · General Manager @ Freeride World Tour

Taking part in this Health City NTN Innovation Booster was a breath of fresh air as Active Design in general and an interdisciplinary approach to getting our communities more active and healthy are not a given in this part of the world. I found the session well introduced, well facilitated and extremely stimulating. It is high time we reconsidered the way we design and operate our cities, placing people’s individual and collective well-being at the heart of urban governance!

Philippe Furrer · Founder and Chief Engagement Officer @ insPoweredBy