The NTN Innovation Booster – Sport & Physical Activity aims to advance innovation in the Swiss sport ecosystem. It brings together businesses, academics and sport organisations to develop new partnerships and projects with an open innovation culture.


Each selected theme will go through the same process of 4 phases:


Topic Definition

In the first phase we explore the most pressing topic to define and contextualise a chosen challenge. The theme leader takes the lead on the topic, while we will select experts and participants for the sprint session. The theme leader, the experts as well as the participants will all be selected through open calls.


Sprint Session

The sprint session is split in multiple steps of ideation to generate a maximum of ideas, which are enriched and selected to end up in scenarios. The scenarios will highlight a number of hypotheses which we will test in the 3rd phase.


Test Phase

During this phase, selected partners work together to test some of the hypotheses. The outcomes will help to decide which scenarios and ideas will make it into the next Post-Booster phase.


The Post-Booster

In the last phase we support the most promising scenarios and ideas to transform them into innovative projects.

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